I like to shape my novel, in pieces of metal.

Italian master sculptor Luigi Iamsci is recognized for his hand crafted sculptures made in copper and steel. His themes explore different aspects of human life. Iamsci chooses his themes as such because he likes his sculptures to be “a moment in time” in that they speak to others through a three dimensional picture looking for a new sense of meaning in art and in life.

A native of Pietramontecorvino, Italy, his sculptures are influenced by the beautiful medieval buildings around the town and the majesty of the landscape which provided a way to escape from standard thoughts.


As a child, Iamsci grew up working with his father as a professional blacksmith doing railings, staircases, fences, warehouses, various machinery and custom made artworks where he learned an appreciation for working with metals. He earned a degree in Electrical Technology — with honors and pursued his dream of creating beautiful artworks in his spare time while working as a professional welder.


Iamsci’s Sculptures have been shown in events in United States Cities as Chattanooga, TN , Lafayette, LA, South Florida, Atlanta, Ga, and in various cities in South Italy.


Iamsci describes the passion and vision that drove him to create such works of beauty. “I believe art is what makes us immortal in time because we may not survive as a human race through time but art has a representation of what we were throughout the ages. That art has a moral responsibility to portray the human emotions of life at that point in time. Art must be a part of Life.


Iamsci’s most significant commission in recent years was the involvement in the restoration of the famous medieval Castle Torre Normanna dei Montalto in Pietramontecorvino, Italy.